A switchboard upgrade is a worthwhile endeavour to invest in the safety and reliability of your home and its electrical circuits.

Why Upgrade?

Old switchboards can pose a serious threat of electrocution or fire hazards in your home or business. Upgrading your switchboard also ensures your property is compliant with the latest electrical safety standards, and results in cheaper and easier maintenance in the future.

Group 79

Changes all old fuses to circuit breakers – this allows you to simply flick the switch in the event of a power trip, and eliminates the need for an expensive electrician call-out to work on the board.

Group 77

Reduces risk of fires from loose cables causing arcs in the back of fuse holders, and from old cabling and earthing perhaps not being up to standard – an upgrade with RCDs and circuit breakers and new earthing will ensure you and the home is protected.

Group 78

Remove old black fuse boards during upgrade that potentially may contain asbestos if it’s an older property.

Group 80

The new enclosure and metering panel will be installed with labelling to identify your circuits. All terminations and earthing is redone to ensure no loose joints.

Group 81

Allows more space for future appliances or upgrades that will require their own circuit breakers or RCDs, such as aircon units or hot water systems or induction cooktops etc.

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say