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Imagine never having to worry about finding the next available public charging station or dealing with fluctuating charging fees. With your own Electric Vehicle (EV) charger or electric vehicle charging station, you gain the ultimate convenience of charging your EV right at home or at your business, ready whenever you need it, ensuring a seamless and worry-free driving experience. 

At KLUEM Group, we’re more than just pioneers in the electrical and solar energy sectors; we’re your partners in driving towards a greener, more sustainable future. Our venture into the EV Charger and Charging Stations service is a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and, most importantly, empowering our community and clients with forward-thinking solutions. Whether you are looking for a new EV charger, or are after a professional charging installation in Perth, we can help.

Kluem delivered an electrifying experience! Their promptness, expertise, and seamless process made installing my EV charger the ultimate Christmas gift. I highly recommend Kluem for all your electrical needs. They’re simply outstanding! – Chung & Yagen​

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From user-friendly access systems to advanced remote monitoring, we ensure that every aspect of the charging service is intuitive and efficient. Our dedication to enhancing the user experience is reflected in our thoughtful information signage and responsive customer support, guiding users through each step of their charging journey.


KLUEM: Pioneering Eco-Friendly EV Charging Solutions

Representing the future of EV charging, offering an intelligent way to power up your EV. These advanced chargers go beyond simply transferring power from the grid to your vehicle; they’re equipped with connectivity features that allow for remote access, scheduling, and monitoring of charging sessions, optimising energy usage and costs. 

With a Solar Smart Charger from KLUEM, you’re not just charging your vehicle; you’re embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle, ensuring your charging process is as efficient and convenient as possible.

Step into the future with us by your side. We ensure the smartest, most cost effective way to keep your EV ready for the road ahead.

Choosing KLUEM for your EV charging needs means investing in a service that values innovation, reliability and environmental responsibility. It’s about making a statement that your home or business is part of the movement towards cleaner, sustainable transportation. With KLUEM, you’re not just getting an EV charger; you’re joining a future where every aspect supports a healthier planet.

At KLUEM, we understand that navigating the world of EV chargers can be daunting. That’s why our team provides expert guidance to help you select the charger that best fits your needs, ensuring an optimal balance between charging speed and energy efficiency. With KLUEM, you gain access to personalised advice and insights, drawn from our deep understanding of the latest in charging technology. We’re here to simplify the process, making sure you’re informed and confident in your choice.

Every EV charger we offer has been rigorously tested and selected to meet our high standards of quality and reliability. The KLUEM seal of approval is your assurance that you’re getting a product that not only performs excellently but also stands the test of time. Our commitment to quality means we only partner with manufacturers known for their innovation and durability, ensuring that your investment is protected and poised to deliver the best charging experience.

We are backed by a comprehensive warranty. Our warranty covers not just the hardware but also the installation and performance, offering you complete peace of mind. 

Should any issue arise, our dedicated support team is ready to address it promptly, minimising downtime and ensuring your charging infrastructure is always in peak condition. With KLUEM, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in a worry-free experience.

Our approach to integrating electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions into your lifestyle prioritises both connectivity and sustainability. 

By harmonising network connectivity for seamless operation and remote management, our installations go beyond mere functionality; they contribute to a greener future. A pivotal aspect of our service involves the smart integration of EV chargers with existing solar systems, enabling you to utilise solar-generated power efficiently. This ensures that the energy powering your EV comes from the cleanest sources possible. 

Our systems are designed for user convenience, offering easy access through mobile apps and RFID technology, all the while ensuring compatibility with the current Type 2 connector standard. This integration not only leverages renewable energy but also aligns with our vision of crafting an eco-conscious infrastructure that’s ready for tomorrow, today.

Utilising remote monitoring to oversee the performance and status of charging stations, we acknowledge that each brand has its monitoring applications, and we adapt our services to suit this versatility. 

Embarking on this journey, we recognise the critical importance of meticulous deployment and installation processes. From carefully selecting sites that ensure accessibility and meet demand to the intricate details of infrastructure installation, every step is taken with precision and mindful of the impact on your day-to-day operations. 

Our approach is tailored to minimise disruption, offering installations in Perth during off-peak hours or weekends, safeguarding your business continuity. We also offer safety certificates upon completion.

We prioritise the safety of your home and loved ones above all else. Operating under the highest safety standards, our implementation of advanced precautions is fundamental to our service. 

From meticulous electrical inspections to the integration of cutting-edge safety technologies, we ensure that every installation, whether it’s an EV charger or a solar panel system, is not only efficient, but also secure, providing you with peace of mind in knowing your home is safeguarded by the best in the business.

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive, user-friendly, and sustainable charging infrastructure supports the growing adoption of EVs. By focusing on compatibility, ease of use, and environmental responsibility, we aim to facilitate the transition to cleaner transportation options, reinforcing our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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What Clients Say

Work was done quickly and of great quality, the charger is brilliant and now takes my charging to a manageable few hours.

Kluem! What can I say. I wanted a Tesla Wall Charger installed in the house for the new EV. The query was placed on the Wed/ Thursday before Good Friday. Chris, called me on Thursday pm and said, he will work on it over the weekend, I said, it wasn’t a rush and for him not to worry about it…. Fast forward the weekend, the quote was there (it was a fair quote too) and fast forward today, all less than 7 business days, the boys over at Kluem came over and installed my EV charger for me!

Work was done quickly and of great quality, the charger is brilliant and now takes my charging to a manageable few hours.

Finally, to Emily, thanks so much for organising the booking of the installation in such quick time.

You guys at Kluem are the best! I look forward to my solar panels next!!!!! Thanks again guys!

Adriaan W

Very happy with the 6.6kw system, sales rep and installer both very professional. My instal needed a bit of extra work and this was done at no extra cost. Been... read more

Brian Marshall Avatar Brian Marshall
29 May 2024

Just had a solar system installed and was very professional service, very polite and clearly explained, highly recommend. Thanks Kluem 😁

David Houston Avatar David Houston
8 May 2024

Had a visit from Kluem this week, the electrician was friendly and professional. They did a thorough assessment and very quickly found out what was wrong with our electricity at... read more

Johnathan Loh Avatar Johnathan Loh
5 May 2024

Electrifying experience! Simply Outstanding.

Kluem delivered an electrifying experience! Their promptness, expertise, and seamless process made installing my EV charger the ultimate Christmas gift. I highly recommend Kluem for all your electrical needs. They’re simply outstanding!

Chung & Yagen

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Solar Battery Price Perth: Maximising Your Solar Investment

When considering the amount of solar energy you can harness, selecting the right solar battery is crucial for residents in Perth. At KLUEM, we are committed to offering the best deals on solar batteries, ensuring that you get the most value out of your solar setup. Our team is here WA to help you navigate through the options, ensuring you choose a solar battery that perfectly aligns with your energy needs and budget.

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Looking At Buying an EV Charger or Installing an EV Charging Station in Perth? Contact Us Today.

As experienced Electricians with a passion for empowering local EV owners, we specialise in creating custom solutions tailored to your needs. 

Whether you’re looking to charge your EV at home or enhance your business with accessible charging options, we’ll send our expert installers to ensure your charger is installed quickly and efficiently. 

At KLUEM, we believe in a hassle-free approach, from the initial consultation to the final installation. Give us a call today, and let’s electrify your space with the perfect EV solution across WA. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have for our admin team or technicians.


Frequently Asked Question’s About EV Charging & Beyond

Choosing between a Solar Smart or Standard EV charger depends on your needs for features like scheduling, energy monitoring, and remote access, which are available with Solar Solar Smart Chargers.

Purchasing your EV charger from KLUEM ensures you receive a high-quality, safety-certified product backed by expert installation services and ongoing support, all tailored to your needs in Perth and across WA.

Yes. We offer comprehensive warranties on both EV chargers and their installation, guaranteeing peace of mind with quality assurance and service reliability for every EV charging solution.

KLUEM Group ensures quality and safety through rigorous testing, compliance with industry standards, and using only certified Electricians for installation.

Yes, installing an EV charger may require upgrades to your home’s electrical system to ensure safety and capacity for EV charging; KLUEM assesses and addresses this during the installation process.

If your EV charger isn’t functioning correctly, contact us immediately. KLUEM provides dedicated support to troubleshoot and resolve any issues with your charging station efficiently.

To schedule an installation, simply give us a call or contact us through our website. KLUEM offers a convenient scheduling and professional installation services across Perth and WA. After we have an installation date secured, you can leave the rest to us!

Opting for a Solar Smart Charger over a Standard one brings benefits like enhanced charging management, energy savings, and the ability to remotely control and monitor your charge, making it a cost-effective and convenient choice.

Absolutely, KLUEM offers comprehensive support for any issues, ensuring a hassle-free experience with your EV charging needs.

Professional installation by certified Electricians, like those at KLUEM, ensures that your EV charging station is correctly integrated with your home’s electrical system, safeguarding against common issues such as circuit overload, improper grounding, and electrical faults. This careful installation process includes a thorough inspection of your existing electrical infrastructure, necessary upgrades to support the charging demand, and adherence to all safety standards and regulations, providing a reliable and safe charging environment for your EV.

Switching to an EV charger offers numerous benefits, including increased convenience, reduced fuel costs, and a lower environmental impact. By installing an EV charger at your home or business, you gain the ability to power up your EV efficiently and at your convenience, ensuring your vehicle is always ready when you need it. Additionally, charging your EV with electricity, especially from renewable sources, significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles, supporting a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Absolutely!  Whether you need a dedicated Tesla charger installed at your home or business or require assistance with adapting existing EV charging stations for your car, our team of certified Electricians and EV charger installers are ready to provide expert service and support to ensure you are ready for the road.

Also known as Level 3 or DC chargers, are high-power charging stations designed to recharge EVs much quicker than standard Level 1 or Level 2 chargers. They can often add significant range to an EV in just minutes, making them ideal for quick top-ups and long-distance travel. Unlike Level 1 and Level 2 chargers that use AC power, fast chargers provide DC power directly to the vehicle, enabling rapid charging speeds.

EV at home can largely benefit your house. It can significantly enhance your household by providing the convenience of charging your EV overnight, ensuring it’s always ready for use. It can also increase your property value and appeal to future homebuyers who own or are interested in purchasing an EV. Additionally, home charging stations can offer cost savings over time, as charging at home is often less expensive than public charging, especially if you can take advantage of lower electricity rates during off-peak hours.

Of course! As a certified EV charger provider, we have robust T&Cs to ensure we cover the needs of our clients. You can access our T&Cs here. 

Our installation costs vary depending on several factors, including the type of charger (Level 1, Level 2, or Solar Smart Chargers), the complexity of the installation, and any necessary electrical upgrades to your home’s current system. To provide you with an accurate quote, we offer a consultation service where we assess your specific needs and the details of your installation site. Rest assured, our team is committed to providing clear, upfront pricing and cost-effective solutions for your EV charging needs.

At this stage no. But you never know what is in store for the future! Watch this space. 

The sooner the better! We recommend getting in touch right away so that we can ensure your transition to greener choices is that much easier. From there, we can arrange your EV charging installation, ensure suitability within your garage and make arrangements with relevant suppliers. 

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