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Elevate Your Corporate Social Responsibility, Add Value To Your Premises and Implement Custom Solar Designs & Strategic Installations For Your Business.

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Looking for the best commercial solar panels in Perth WA? Speak to our effective solar installers today for the solar systems and battery systems.

Commercial Solar Perth
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Lead with Sustainability: KLUEM's Commercial Solar Solutions

Embrace the future of energy with KLUEM’s Commercial Solar solutions, designed to not only enhance your business’s sustainability profile but also to add intrinsic value to your premises. 

We’re here to guide you through every step, ensuring your move to Solar is impactful and aligned with your corporate social responsibility goals.

Kluem Group Commercial & Solar Battery Services

Secure Your Energy Future with Advanced Battery Storage

Seamless Energy Management for Uninterrupted Business Operations

Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable energy management, ensuring your operations run smoothly without interruptions.

Smart Battery Solutions: Store, Save and Sustain

Dive into the future of energy storage with our smart Battery solutions that promise efficiency, savings, and sustainability.

Reliability and Performance Guaranteed

With KLUEM, you're choosing Systems known for their unwavering reliability and outstanding performance.

The KLUEM Advantage: More Than Just Solar

Partnership Beyond Installation: Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Our commitment to you doesn’t end post-installation. Expect comprehensive ongoing support and maintenance, making your Solar journey smooth and hassle-free.

Achieving Your Sustainability Goals with Our Expertise

Let our expertise in cutting-edge Solar technology be the catalyst for achieving your sustainability goals, tailored to fit your business’s unique needs.

Custom Solutions Backed by Comprehensive Warranties

Every KLUEM solution is backed by our promise of quality and performance, ensuring your investment is protected.

Solar & Battery Experts

Our Process

 At KLUEM, we’re not just providing a service; we’re crafting energy solutions that propel businesses into a sustainable and profitable future. Our comprehensive suite of offerings is meticulously designed to support and empower your business through every phase of Solar energy and Battery Storage System implementation and maintenance. Here’s how we make it happen:

Dive deep into the possibilities with our expert consultations, designed to fully understand your business’s unique energy needs and goals. Our bespoke System designs aren’t just about installing Solar panels and batteries; they’re about reimagining your energy consumption to unlock maximum efficiency and cost savings.

The path to Solar adoption is filled with regulations and paperwork, but with KLUEM, you’re in safe hands. We ensure your Solar and Battery Systems not only meet but exceed local standards, managing all the necessary documentation to secure permits and compliance without hassle.

Solar investment is savvy, and we’re here to make it even smarter by guiding you through the maze of financial incentives, rebates, and tax credits. Our aim is to make the transition to Solar and Battery Systems financially feasible and attractive for your business.

Trust in the hands of our CEC Accredited technicians and installers, who bring unparalleled skill and adherence to safety standards to every project. Our professional installation process ensures that your Solar panels and Battery storage Systems are set up for success from day one.

With our advanced monitoring Systems, we offer real-time insights into the performance of your Solar and Battery setup. This continuous oversight allows for the prompt identification and resolution of any issues, ensuring your System operates at peak efficiency.

Beyond the initial setup, KLUEM stands by your side with ongoing technical support and a workmanship guarantee that complements the product warranties of 10-25 years. We’re committed to ensuring your investment remains secure, efficient, and fruitful across its lifespan.

We are your go-to Commercial energy team who are here to ensure you make a smooth switch to Commercial Solar Systems Perth. Save on future energy costs, get the best renewable Solar design and installation and make huge strides towards energy efficiency, getting miles ahead of other businesses in Perth. We look forward to giving you advice and installation services and to help you reduce your bills. Let’s connect, our team can’t wait to help you.

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What Clients Say

Extremely happy with the work they’ve done.

The Kluem crew did a great job on my 6.6kW solar system. Emily was great to deal with and was open in giving me different options on which solar systems I could choose and provided all the information to do the comparison myself. The professionalism and workmanship are second to none. Extremely happy with the work they’ve done.

Kevin Nguyen

Very happy with the 6.6kw system, sales rep and installer both very professional. My instal needed a bit of extra work and this was done at no extra cost. Been... read more

Brian Marshall Avatar Brian Marshall
29 May 2024

Just had a solar system installed and was very professional service, very polite and clearly explained, highly recommend. Thanks Kluem 😁

David Houston Avatar David Houston
8 May 2024

Had a visit from Kluem this week, the electrician was friendly and professional. They did a thorough assessment and very quickly found out what was wrong with our electricity at... read more

Johnathan Loh Avatar Johnathan Loh
5 May 2024

Perth Solar Experts

Why Choose KLUEM Group As Your Solar Installer?

With KLUEM Group, the value extends beyond the installation of Solar panels and batteries. 

 Our service is a commitment to maximised performance, ensuring that every System is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. It’s a promise of reliability and longevity, where regular monitoring and support keep your Systems running smoothly, safeguarding your investment. Most importantly, it’s about optimised energy savings, where our ongoing dedication to performance optimisation and upgrades translates into tangible cost reductions and sustainability gains for your business.

 Choosing KLUEM Group means stepping into a greener future with confidence, knowing that your business is powered by the best in Solar innovation and supported by a team that values your success as much as you do.


  • CEC Accredited Installers: Our installation team comprises of certified professionals, ensuring quality and compliance.

  • 10-Year Workmanship Guarantee: We stand by the quality of our work, offering a decade-long workmanship guarantee.

  • WA Local & Family Owned: Rooted in local values with a global vision, we understand and comply with local regulations.

  • Tesla Certified Installers: We are certified in cutting-edge technologies, including Tesla Systems.

  • In-House Expertise: From design to aftercare, our internal teams handle every aspect, ensuring seamless project execution.

  • Commitment to Excellence: As leaders in renewable technology, we are committed to delivering complex projects with precision and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

  • Tailored Solar Power Systems for Businesses of All Sizes

Maximising Efficiency with State-of-the-Art Solar Technology


FAQs regarding reducing energy costs, sustainable energy, Solar installation, Commercial Solar panels Perth and more

There are several benefits of Commercial Solar solutions. Switching to Solar with KLUEM not only lowers operational costs but significantly boosts your brand’s green credentials due to environmental benefits – setting a benchmark in corporate responsibility.

Our unique blend of local insight, personalised service, and technical excellence ensures that every System is a perfect match for our client’s specific energy needs and business goals.

Absolutely. Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We meticulously design Solar Systems that align with your business’s unique energy profile, ensuring maximum efficiency and savings.
The savings can be substantial, reducing your energy bills and providing a hedge against future rate increases, with the exact figures depending on your System’s size and your energy usage.
By selecting only the highest-quality components and employing expert installers, we guarantee the efficiency and longevity of your System.

We provide comprehensive warranties covering both the components and our workmanship, giving you peace of mind in your investment.

Our streamlined process, from initial consultation to final commissioning, is designed for minimal disruption, with timelines clearly communicated at the outset.

Yes, our Systems are designed for seamless integration, enhancing your current infrastructure with sustainable Solar power.

Expect unrivalled aftercare, including regular maintenance checks and responsive support, ensuring your System’s optimal performance.

By leveraging the latest in Solar technology and sustainable practices, we empower your business to make a significant impact on environmental sustainability.

We offer various financing solutions to make the transition to Solar accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. We help your business save with loan, and financing options that are available to get Solar today. We recommend getting in touch to explore this further.

Our smart Systems come with monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track and optimise your energy usage with ease.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team is ready to guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to Solar power.

There are several types of Commercial Solar Systems, each with unique features and benefits, tailored to different business needs. The main categories include:

  1. Grid-Tied Systems: These are directly connected to the local power grid and are ideal for businesses that have stable grid access and want to reduce electricity bills. They can also potentially earn credits for excess power sent back to the grid through net metering, depending on local policies.

  2. Off-Grid Systems: Suited for locations without reliable grid access, off-grid Systems use Solar panels and Battery storage to provide a standalone power solution. They require a more significant upfront investment but offer complete energy independence.

  3. Hybrid Systems: Combining the best of both worlds, hybrid Systems are connected to the grid and include Battery storage. They provide power during outages, can store excess energy, and allow businesses to utilise grid power when necessary.

  4. Community or Shared Solar: Ideal for businesses in shared spaces or with limited roof space, community Solar allows multiple entities to benefit from a single, large-scale Solar array located off-site.

The best Solar System for your business depends on several factors, including your location, energy needs, access to the grid, and budget. For businesses with reliable grid access looking to offset energy costs and potentially benefit from net metering, grid-tied Systems might be the most cost-effective choice. Companies in remote locations or those seeking energy independence might opt for off-grid or hybrid Systems. Lastly, for those with limited space or in shared complexes, community Solar could provide a viable solution.

Choosing the right Solar solution involves a detailed analysis of your energy consumption patterns, site assessment, and understanding local regulations and incentives. Partnering with a knowledgeable Solar provider like KLUEM ensures you receive expert guidance and a customised Solar solution that maximises your investment and meets your specific business needs.

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