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We serve a wide range of vehicle makes and models, including Hyundai, Ford, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. Our experienced locksmiths are ready to travel to your location, ensuring timely assistance and minimised downtime.

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  • Very happy with the 6.6kw system, sales rep and installer both very professional. My instal needed a bit of extra work and this was done at no extra cost. Been... read more

    Brian Marshall Avatar Brian Marshall
    29 May 2024

    Just had a solar system installed and was very professional service, very polite and clearly explained, highly recommend. Thanks Kluem 😁

    David Houston Avatar David Houston
    8 May 2024

    Had a visit from Kluem this week, the electrician was friendly and professional. They did a thorough assessment and very quickly found out what was wrong with our electricity at... read more

    Johnathan Loh Avatar Johnathan Loh
    5 May 2024
  • Highly recommend Kluem Group. We just had our solar installed today and it looks fantastic! From the sales team right through to the installation team was smooth sailing. I will be defiantly using... read more

    Jess Rogers Avatar Jess Rogers
    10 April 2024

    Kluem! What can I say. I wanted a Tesla Wall Charger installed in the house for the new EV. The query was placed on the Wed/ Thursday before Good Friday.... read more

    Adriaan W Avatar Adriaan W
    5 April 2024

    Fantastic service with fast responses to queries during the initial quotation stage, and efficient, friendly and clean team for installation. Happy so far with the solar which is performing well.

    Craig Metcalfe Avatar Craig Metcalfe
    15 March 2024
  • Great service from start to finish. Smooth quoting process with house visit and easy to explore all options and was able to also install a 20A GPO at the same time.... read more

    Cameron Yap Avatar Cameron Yap
    11 March 2024

    I found Kluem to be an excellent service provider including sales, installation and follow up! They were very professional …turned up on time, explained every step of the job and... read more

    Graeme Sneddon Avatar Graeme Sneddon
    1 March 2024

    I've just had Kluem group install a 6.6Kw system on my property. I am a stickler for quality and I can't rate these guys highly enough! From Tom the sales... read more

    stuart graves Avatar stuart graves
    16 December 2023
  • Highly recommend Kluem. Very fair quote, excellent customer service and quality work completed by the techs 👍

    Bronwyn Smith Avatar Bronwyn Smith
    16 December 2023

    They boys showed up on time, were very easy to get along with and straight away i could tell they knew their trade very well. Its great to see customer... read more

    andre d Avatar andre d
    15 December 2023

    If I could give more stars I would. Kluem energy has been absolutely fantastic to us. Pricing was competitive and great customer service, Chris helped us analyse our specific needs... read more

    Jennifer Wood Avatar Jennifer Wood
    6 December 2023
  • Can not recommend Kluem enough. Fantastic workmanship.

    Mike Loader Avatar Mike Loader
    29 November 2023

    Kluem Electrical was recommended to me. I have no hesitation in passing on that recommendation. Friendly, informative and honest.. Congrats for a job well done.

    Lana Kenen Avatar Lana Kenen
    29 November 2023

    Kluem delivered an electrifying experience! Their promptness, expertise, and seamless process made installing my EV charger the ultimate Christmas gift. I highly recommend Kluem for all your electrical needs. They’re... read more

    Chung & Yagen Avatar Chung & Yagen
    22 November 2023
  • I spent many hours reviewing Solar companies for their reputation, service and components used and Kluem stood out above the others in all three areas. I installed my system... read more

    Bradley Gibby Avatar Bradley Gibby
    20 November 2023

    They were very responsive to all my inquiries and did the job well. I don't think one can ask for more.

    Zach Colic Avatar Zach Colic
    20 November 2023

    Chris and Michael, what a top job. You both are incredible, professional and always so prompt with answering all my queries. Above and beyond. I’ll do this all over again... read more

    Gabriel Lim Avatar Gabriel Lim
    20 November 2023
  • Very professional crew. We initially had issues with installed EV car charger. The team provided excellent service with troubleshooting and eventually replacement unit.

    How Earn Chong Avatar How Earn Chong
    20 November 2023

    Thank you Kluem Electrical for your prompt installation of my solar power system Mark and his team were excellent both professional ,friendly, well mannered providing advise and help with the... read more

    Carol Graham Avatar Carol Graham
    20 November 2023

    From the first call to the completion of the installation the Team at Kluem were completely professional, helpful and friendly. All my questions were answered and the support I received... read more

    Mark Zoller Avatar Mark Zoller
    20 October 2023
  • Klume Electrical, in conjunction with the unparalleled expertise of Chris Harvey , has been an absolute game-changer for my recent home renovation project. Their exceptional professionalism, unwavering commitment to quality,... read more

    Matthew Dickson Avatar Matthew Dickson
    20 October 2023

    I identified 4 reputable companies to install a solar battery to complement my current solar set-up. All 4 were responsive, but only 2 were willing to do a site visit.... read more

    Kartika Schaufler Avatar Kartika Schaufler
    20 September 2023

    Very happy with the work set up and definitely recommended to friend

    915ljm Avatar 915ljm
    20 September 2023
  • The young workers were very respectful and presented well. They were informative and very pleasant to speak to.

    nicolee selley Avatar nicolee selley
    20 September 2023

    professional crew, great service and installation, very tidy and friendly people

    Roger Jowitt Avatar Roger Jowitt
    20 June 2023

    Well priced quote including the mileage to travel to my country town to do the work. The guys did a tidy job very efficiently and used quality components. They didn't... read more

    Mark Lynch Avatar Mark Lynch
    20 June 2023
  • Randy from Kluems was an absolute champ. I approached approx 10 solar companies for quotes, most were absolute muppets, most were pushy, told lies and didn't know what they were... read more

    Dim Sym Avatar Dim Sym
    20 May 2023

    Zappi 3 phase EV Charger installation for our new EV. These guys were excellent. They showed up on time. Did a clean, no fuss job. New charger looks great. Answered... read more

    Adam Connery Avatar Adam Connery
    20 May 2023

    I had a 6.6kw system installed, and had a great experience overall. Their pricing was reasonable, and the installation was fantastic. There were a few small issues which... read more

    Vince Comito Avatar Vince Comito
    20 April 2023