Sustainability is a key focus for businesses in this day and age. Whether as customers, or employees, we want to see a business focused on initiatives and investments that will impact positively on the environment.

Kluem Electrical strives to be at the forefront of green technologies and continually innovate to support our clients in today’s rapidly changing world.

We specialise in tailoring renewable energy solutions ranging from kilowatts to multiple megawatt-level scopes, serving clients across a wide variety of industries. The right solar solution will assist your business in reducing operating costs drastically.

As local leaders in solar battery applications, Kluem can also design solutions with battery storage systems, suitable for businesses that require power through the night. Systems with battery storage now provide a return on investment in as little as five years while the long­term benefits of storing your solar power are immeasurable.

As an electrical services firm, Kluem also have the capability to support businesses with a variety of other services, such as electrical and air-conditioning works.

With over 10.2MW worth of successful residential and commercial solar installations to date, Kluem’s internal installation teams and Project Managers are dedicated to the successful delivery of your project.

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What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say