Maintenance Servicing

Kluem’s internal installation teams ensure we can provide ongoing after-sales service, advice, and care consistently and quickly.

Solar Health Check

Kluem Electrical can service and maintain any existing solar system. If your system is performing lower than normal, or you suspect something has stopped working, call us out for a solar health check to give you some answers.

    • Check system performance to expected output
    • Ensure no damage has occurred to wiring and wiring enclosures
    • Check that the panels are free of any damage
    • Check junction boxes are water tight and free from moisture ingress
    • All associated switches and circuit breakers are operational and all terminations are secure
    • Safety warning labels are intact and legible
    • Provide a report with voltages and readings to the customer

Support and Certifications

We are committed to a rapid response time in the event of any faults, as keeping your home or business running is our top priority.

With our wide range of expertise across numerous brands and technologies, we are equipped to service and maintain both pre-existing systems and our installations. Kluem has also established direct relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, enabling us to procure equipment and support at market-leading price points. We are also certified partners with several leading brands, which gives our clients the confidence that their system is being installed and maintained by experts in the field.

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say